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Starts Sunday April 19th, 2015
2 - 4pm PST - Cost 299

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healingPAQ - teaching the art and science of self healing, distance healing and healing of living earth globally using love, joy, peace and compassion through a personís unique connection to divine.

Distance healing teaches us to:

  • meditate and heal with
    • earth, air, fire, and water
    • plants, animals, water mass and life in water mass
    • weather system, communication on earth, and all life on earth
    • the three energetic categories of ego and survival, heart and soul, and intellect and advancement
  • use our intention and Divine connection to circulate our energy through the Chinese Meridian lines (Acupuncture points)
  • increase our awareness of benefits of circulation for all beings on Earth
  • explore the Earth-Humanity energy system relationships for all beings
  • explore Temple of Masters, Temple of Knowledge, Tree of Life, Temple of Angels, Mountain of Light, and City of Light vibration states
  • experience the enhanced state of love, joy, peace and compassion while meditating in vibration states
  • practice distance healing using our ability to influence Earth-Humanity relationships
  • improve the quality of our energy healing by improving the clarity of our intentions
  • integrate and transform our routines into meditation opportunities while staying fully engaged with daily life activities


  • Have completed and enjoyed self healing training
  • Be willing to meditate and circulate energy on daily basis
  • Able to enjoy and have fun learning about the process of gaining through the power of giving
  • Ask for Divine energy of love, joy, peace and compassion for distance healing and global healing of Earth and all beings

Outline and Agenda:

  • Meditation and Distance Energy Emission - 20 minutes
  • Sharing experiences - 15 minutes
  • Lecture - 30 to 40 minutes
  • Meditation and Distance Energy Emission - 20 minutes
  • Sharing experiences - 15 minutes
  • Question and Answer - 10 minutes
  • Get distance healing class material


  • Relationships of Earth-Human Energy System
  • HealingPAQ's 3-point Healing System
  • Earth-Humanity Energy System relations to Weather, Life, and Balance on Earth
  • Earth-Humanity Energetic Rewiring Process
  • Channeling session with Ascended masters and Archangels


  • Save Money Enroll ONCE =>
  • Pay online or mail a check to
    3863 Via Pasatiempo
    Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92091

Is economic hardship holding you back from learning? We offer partial scholarships to qualified individuals. Send an email to help@healingpaq.org explaining why you qualify and we will help.

Be a healer, be an angel